Community Engagement

As founder of Cultivator Inc, we believe it is important to engage with the community by offering opportunities for valuable insights into the fundamental importance of innovative thought and design for both business and social settings.

Cultivator provides the opportunity to engage with community and industry leaders,
with presentations by amazing national and international speakers to:
Inspire creative thinking
   Support and foster social enterprise
   Build regional economic growth
   Share knowledge and experiences
   Encourage personal and professional networks



Lower Murray Water - Pump Station Mural
The Pump Station Mural adjacent to the new Mildura Rowing Club and cafe complex on the riverfront. The project involved cross-collaboration between education, cultural, creative and inter generational groups is a collaboration between Lower Murray Water, mural artist George Rose, the Cultivator team and the students from SuniTAFE.

Cultivator Inc | Conference

Cultivator is a dynamic annual event that brings together guest speakers from varied backgrounds to address the challenges of regional living and looks to creativity in design, enterprise and community
to find solutions. 

Cultivator Inc | Mildura Blitz

Cultivator in partnership with RMIT University and SuniTAFE were proud to host internationally renowned American
speaker, designer and founder of
Project M, John Bielenberg.

For Real Project | Broken Hill

Cultivator set out with students from RMIT, Swinburne University and SuniTAFE to the Broken Hill Film Studio, a former BHP Mine power station with a long history and
a lot of mystery, to embark on
the For Real Project.